We are a husband and wife team based in San Francisco and enjoy working with couples near and far, and across a wide range of cultures. 

Our style 

Editorial documentary.  

They are two words often at odds with each other in the genre of wedding photography. It means that we strive to deliver a polished collection of images without compromise. You'll have meaningful journalistic images that bring you right back to the moment they were created, innovative portraiture, and details that feel right at home in glossy publications.  

Cliff has a sentimental streak that fuels his desire to discover images that are uniquely you, a technical mind that thrives on conquering the challenging conditions that make up most wedding days, and a highly trained eye for light, composition, and design. 

Working with us 

Most of the day we'll be doing our best to disappear while still capturing the day from the perspective of an insider. Hiding in plain sight. We're happiest when a couple reacts to a particular image: “How did you get that!? I didn't even know you were there!”. When it's time for portraiture, we take over the show to ensure everyone looks their very best and feels comfortable. We've been told we have a presence that puts others at ease, and Cliff also has a penchant for good one liners when appropriate. :-) 

We find balance in each other's strengths. Clients often compliment us on our synergy. We love working side by side, sharing the excitement and challenge of each wedding. 

Cliff + Malarie